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Testimonials Page 6

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Susan and I want to thank you for helping us get into the RCI points program. When I first talked to you about the possibilities offered by this program, I was skeptical. Boy, did you ever change my view! We just finished booking our first points vacation and are excited about going off to a high quality resort for a week.

Although we are not new to the internet shopping scene, it was quite a leap for us to make such a purchase from someone we never met. I must tell you, your patience with us is what sold us on doing business with you. We really appreciate the time you took to answer our questions. And your follow up on your commitments was indeed impressive. The weeks we purchased from you were very well priced and an excellent value.

Less than two weeks after sending you our check, the deed was in our hands just as you had promised. Two weeks later we had our RCI membership and were online checking out our options.

You are a man of integrity and I would gladly do business with you again. I will most certainly recommend you to family and friends who are looking for alternatives to dull, boring hotels. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Rick and Susan Bronder

Woodstock, NY



I just wanted to say that at first I was very worried about an internet transaction for so much money and nothing in my immediate hands to show for it. But I have to say that everything Scott said was right on the mark and I am very glad I did it. Scott was very good about answering any questions and kept me updated as to the status of our transaction. Needless to say that after doing this once I will not be worried in the slightest to do this again with Scott. Thanks so much for you help and just to let you know I just booked our points for a week in Cancun Mexico during June :-)  Thanks again Scott!


Robert & Ginger Gardner

Charlotte NC


Dear Scott,


Like many folks who make a substantial purchase without meeting the person we were a little nervous. We wish to thank you for making our timeshare transaction such an easy, safe and fast purchase. Your on-line instructions for completing the forms and paperwork were simple to follow. We appreciated your quick phone responses to any further questions that arose. The timeshare transaction was complete within a couple of weeks. The RCI points were transferred to our account and the deed in our hand before we knew it. We have been very satisfied with our dealings with your company, Trading Time, and would not hesitate to make another purchase from you or recommend you to friends.



Fred and Jan Rucker


Dear Scott:


 Thank your for all your help for the purchase of Texas Time Share on the RCI point system. I am very happy with your services and after purchase follow-ups. I am very satisfied and recommend you to others. It is great to deal with the professionals who go all the way after sell. You have been a great help. I have no hesitation in recommending you to future clients and you can use my name as a reference.



Mike Zand, PA


HI Scott,


I want to thank you for a smooth and efficient sale. I appreciate the time you have taken to explain how we could get the most from our RCI points, and your willingness to help us find the accommodations we wanted. Your philosophy of excellence in customer service comes through in your transactions; for example, taking the time to call back in response to my e-mail question.

I would certainly recommend you (and have) to anyone interested in purchasing a RCI Points timeshare.


Chris de Jong



Hi Scott,


Thank you for introducing me to the RCI Points system.  I am new to timesharing and was buying weeks, trying to get the best price for the buck.  When I found your listing and visited with you, I realized the best deals are in the RCI Points program. 


After buying into your points resort and getting an account set up through you.  Which, by the way,  was the fastest I have ever seen.  RCI said at least six weeks, and you had it up and running in about three weeks.   I am now ready to get the bargains, short term and other, that I have been looking for.


I also truly appreciate you willingness to listen and give me advice on almost any subject I asked about.  I feel you are a friend.  I'll probably be calling more often than you like.  Thanks again for all the help, and getting me into the best timesharing system there is, at the best possible cost.    Blaine Luke 



Dear Scott,


Thank you so very much for all your assistance. The entire process was the easiest of all my timeshares. It is to no surpise that you have acquired so many exceptional testimonials. I received your e-mail today and already called tonight to use my points (8,500) for a week in either the Bershires or Massanutten in September. I can't wait!!


Thank you so very much. I can already see these points working out wonderfully for me, so I  hope that in the future I can upgrade to a higher point package.


Once again, from my family and I...MIL GRACIAS!!



Anna Guzman

Bronx, NY



Thank you for all of your help in this transaction.  I have been very pleased with how smoothly this has gone.  A time share is an investment and I feel you have been there to help me through the entire transaction; from the very informative listing all the way through to the deed and RCI account set up.  I appreciate that and would suggest to anyone interested in purchasing to go through you.


Thank you,

Dane Berard   Boston, MA




Just a note to thank you for spending the time to help us understand our purchase of our first points week.  We plan to combine this with our weeks and be able to provide vacation possibilities for our whole family.  That's quite a challenge when you have 6 kids!!  You helped make the process quick, easy and totally painless.  Thanks, again!!


J. L. Holt




We purchased our first "weeks" time share several years ago, and it has worked great.


After attending a time-share presentation on a recent trip, we decided we needed to also be in the RCI Points system as well. After a lot of due diligence, I discovered your offer. Honestly, it was so competitive; I don't know how people are able to sell other properties, etc.


Then as you and I were talking, we discovered that the first time share we purchased was purchased through you (and your former affiliate).


You took the time with me to completely explain everything I need to know, and the transaction was handled professionally and timely.


Thanks for all your help (again)!


Walt Podgurski, Ohio 

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