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Testimonials Page 5

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Hello Scott


I apologize for taking so long to get back to you, but I was waiting for my wife and I to experience our first RCI holiday before giving you some feedback.  I wanted to be able to give you feedback on both your service and our RCI experience.


First, a HUGE thank you for your very personal, caring and absolutley "no pressure" service.  Buying something this expensive over the internet is a little nerve wracking, however when I first spoke with you it was very apparent that you knew your product.  Not knowing the RCI program it was nice to have someone who was able to answer every question I had in a clear fashion.  I appreciated the fact that there was no pressure to hurry and make a decision, rather you encouraged me to do my due diligence and educate myself.  Dealing with you was a pleasure!


Everything showed up as and when you said it would.  Our RCI account was processed quickly, our points in the bank and the paperwork in our mailbox.  Everything went off without a hitch very quickly.  We were excited to make our first reservation and take our first RCI holiday.


We chose a small resort close to home, called up RCI, and had our reservations made within a few minutes.  We were very pleased to find out we were given an extra 5000 points by RCI for booking our first holiday within 90 days of signing up. 


When we got to the resort and checked in they took our name, checked the computer and we had our keys and were off to the suite within 5 minutes.  Everything went extremely smooth throughout our stay and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  Overall our first experience with RCI was fantastic.


Scott, doing business with you was a real pleasure, and I look forward to possibly further dealings with you.  I have recommended you and your company to several friends.


Thanks again.


Ray and Deborah Warren

British Columbia, Canada 



Dear Scott,


With my 14 South Africa Weeks I have had many great trades.  In fact, we are coming on 200 trades with RCI.  We have managed to spend a good part of every winter in Hawaii which is a blessing for us being from Northern Illinois.  Some years, some of our weeks do not seem to have much in trading power.  And if I ever cancel a trade without the travel insurance, then forget about trading power for that week, except for a last minute deal. 


I kept hearing about the good value with RCI Points and that all resorts have the same trading power there.  A point is a point without regard from where it came from.  The more I read, the more I got confused.  One of my resorts referred me to tradingtime.net and Scott answered all of my questions, took me on a tour of RCI Points, and sold me one of his weeks at a great price.  Now when I get a weak trader: BAM, I roll it into Points and get to play the game with a whole new set of rules.  Great fun again, and the RCI people in Points are really sharp. 


Give Scott a call and buy a Rayburn.  You cannot go wrong.


Lance & Janice Cargill

Rockford IL


Your service is so outstanding, it is almost unbelievable! My wife and I have two small children and enjoy spending our vacations at beach resorts. This type of vacation can be quite expensive and I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative. A friend of mine suggested that I purchase a timeshare. I told him that he was out of his mind and that I would never consider this in a million years. Afterall, timeshares are a horrible investment, expensive, and you have to endure sleazy high pressure salesmen. Then I heard about the secondary market for timeshares (where you can buy for pennies on the dollar. Let some other guy spend a fortune buying directly from the resort!) After exhaustive research of RCI Points, the purchasing process, and Scott's services and reputation, I decided to test the waters and buy 25,500 annual points. The purchase price and maintenance fees are incredibly low. One month later (to the day!) I had received my deed, my RCI number, and instructions from Scott how to set up my online account. Done deal! I only have one regret, I wish I had purchased more.



John Willis

Texas, USA


Dear Scott,


The world of Timeshares has become complicated and often seems overpopulated with high-pressured sales people.  Within this environment, it’s very comforting to find an honest broker who is also a willing adviser and mentor. You’ve helped us cut through the confusion to become RCI Points program members, and you also helped us deposit our previously owned weeks-based timeshares in the points program.  When the window of opportunity to deposit those weeks at full value was soon to close, your fast and attentive service enabled us to join RCI Points and deposit the weeks at full value. 


Thanks much for all the help that you’ve provided,

Corinne and Foster,

Shippensburg, PA

Scott --


Your service has been outstanding; you have responded to every question in a timely manner.  I appreciated how quickly you were able to process our RCI paperwork.  Your statements in your advertisement referring to the bad weather on costal time shares sadly could not be more true; with Katrina hitting New Orleans and Rita moving towards the Texas coastline.  I feel I made a better choice in purchasing your time share with low maintenance fees, and having substantially less fear of losing my families future vacations.   




Hugh & Mary

Seatlle, WA


Scott ,


 Thanks for all of your time and I will keep in touch with you if I need any help.  Tracey and I had an on-line travel agency for about a year and a half and although it didn’t make us any real money there are still a few people that call us for vacation help.  I am looking forward to getting into timeshare’s for the value you get and am very glad we were able to work with you to get set up in the points system.  I will be trying to get some of our friends into point’s accounts and will defiantly be sending them to you.  


Thanks again,


Troy Jamison


We were very pleased with our purchase and experience dealing with Scott. 

He was completely professional, responsive, and took the time to educate us about RCI Points and why having a Points account is a good supplement to having weeks.  We purchased a small points package at Rayburn Country Club in Texas.  Though we have had the account for only 2 days - we have already booked a 4 day stay in Los Angeles in May (something that would have been impossible with RCI Weeks) for only 9330 points!.  We live a busy life and tend to like shorter getaways - we can already see that having points is going to really open up a lot of travel options for us in the years to come.

  Thanks Scott!


Ken & Ally M. in Northern New Jersey



Hi Scott,


We have really appreciated the help you gave us in deciding what timeshare to purchase. We have attended several presentations and liked the concept but always found the prices too high and the sales pressure made us question the true value of the product. After checking different time share sites, we came across Trading Time and were immediately impressed with the straightforward approach and the common sense points you made.

We spoke with you several times and were given great guidance and suggestions regarding a reasonable number of points to purchase and still stay within our budget.

Thanks for all your help - it has been a pleasure working with you.


Jim and Becky Dayton




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