Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Below are a few testimonials from clients that have purchased RCI Points from us. We look forward to one from you soon....


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Dear Scott,


Just like many of your other customers, we spent years listening to timeshare presentations from developers, only to become discouraged and disappointed.  Their memberships were too restrictive, their prices too high, and their maintenance fees were the equivalent of a week's stay at a fine hotel.  We were tired of rental mistakes and wanted the reliability of a dependable timeshare at a afford price with low resort dues. We thought it may not exist.  


Until we discovered Trading Time...


It was a bit frightening to make such a large purchase over the internet, so we personally contacted you, Scott, to discuss our concerns.  We have never worked with anyone so helpful, so honest, so thorough, yet so distant, ever before.  Just like clock-work, everything you said would be processed for our transaction, was processed - accurately and timely.  Within 30 days, we were owners of our own RCI Points membership and our deeded property!


We weren't able to take any family vacations for years, while we financed our children's private high school and college educations.  But in March, using our Points for the first time, we booked a beautiful 8-person condo in Las Vegas and treated the entire family to a most memorable vacation.  It couldn't have been more successful!


Our adult children found out they can still enjoy family vacations - and Mom and Dad aren't so bad, after all.  We want to give them as many vacations as we can, trying Hawaii next and Europe after that.  We owe our renewed togetherness, our future, and our dreams to you, Scott, and Trading Time. 

We can't thank you enough!



Kathryn and John Coy

Maumee, Ohio




I just wanted to let you know that we took our first vacation using the points system that we purchased from you.  We were completely impressed with the location we chose as well as the help we received from RCI in suggesting it.  We are so happy that we purchased this from you.  Just wanted to let you know that you were a tremendous help in answering so many questions.  We are also so glad that we went with the points system as it will allow for much greater flexibility allowing us to choose to take shorter vacation time or even possibly longer.  Your service in this transaction was absolutely amazing and we can't thank-you enough.  If we ever decide to purchase more points it would definitely be through you.  Thanks again.


The Huberts and The Poulins


Hi Scott,

 Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your quick and professional service.  Already being an RCI Weeks member for many years I had spent a fair bit of time researching RCI’s new points system. After checking many other time shares, I decided that the week in Texas that you were selling was a GREAT deal. The transaction went smooth and quickly!!  I felt so confident with the first purchase that I had absolutely no reservation in purchasing another week. Just like the first time. The transaction was effortless. 


Scott, I only wish that every business was run like yours.


Thanks again


Claus & Doris

Oakville ON Canada

Hi Scott,


I just wanted to thank you for helping us get started with our first timeshare. I did a significant amount of due diligence prior to making our purchase. I know that I found the right person to work with, and that buying at Rayburn was the right location. Despite all the research, you were able to fill in the gaps and help us with all of our questions. Being new to time share, we were a bit nervous at first to make the leap. Your patience and honesty made us feel comfortable, and the outcome could not have been better. You kept us informed at each step, and we completed our transaction with ease. Our points membership arrived quickly and we began planning our first trip right away. What fun! We booked ourselves into a fantastic resort in Puerto Vallarta, and we still have points left for other trips to come. This is an incredible value and the best thing we have done in years. Thanks!


Rob & Lizanne Graham

Evergreen, CO



I had been shopping for a timeshare for years.  From high-pressure sales at resorts to confusing secondary markets, nothing seemed quite right.  I did alot of research, and your product was by far the best value. I bought a great timeshare for you for less than a third of what resorts charge, and maintanance fees less than half of the average!  I was a little hesitant to spend so much money over the internet, but your company has a great reputation, and now I see why!  In less than a month, I have my deed in hand and my points account is up and running on RCI!  You made the entire process incredibly easy-thank you! You are an outstanding, honest businessman, and a valuable asset to the timeshare community.  I would be happy to be a reference for any prospective clients of yours.

Thank you,

Jason Cashman

Enid, OK



I am writing to thank you for your help in getting me started in the point system and securing wonderful vacations for our children.   You are in no way what typical sales people have become today.   I mean that in the most positive manner and is the reason we are returning customers in less than a month.  You have taken your time to explain any question and send me in the right direction when most people try to pass you on or "return your call at their earliest convenience".   You are real and seem to be a natural in customer service.   Your years of knowledge in the business has made it so easy for me with all your examples, explanations, and advise.  I have enjoyed talking with you and look forward to meeting you and your family in the future.  Thank you again for everything.  Your eagerness to help those of us who don't understand instead of taking advantage is a rare trait that will shine at those "pearly gates".


Lynn and Daniel Rodriguez

Tampa BayFL


You were right about the free 5000 pts if you made an exchange in the first 30 days. How many times am  I going to have to say thank you.  They said they will show up in my account in about a week. We booked the Orange Lake Country Club! The resort is a 1 in 3yr, so it must be good.  My niece and nephew are so excited, they can hardly wait.  We are all coordinating what days the kids and missing school since the vpk program follows regular school absentee policies.  Of course we are going to have to check in late so my hubby can watch Dallas play on Sunday with the NFL Sunday ticket.  Such dedication.  We also booked the Tree Tops Resort, November 6-10th and found out that winter fest starts on the 8th. All the Christmas lights will be going strong for those last two nights.  What timing.  The kids are going to have quite the experiences this year.  White beaches in the pan handle at my moms , fun, fun and more fun in Orlando, and maybe white mountains with colorful décor in TN. Thanks again. Lynn


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