RCI Points & RCI Weeks Specials

RCI Points & RCI Weeks Specials

Trading Time's RCI Points & RCI Weeks Specials!

We have searched from Maine to Montana and back to Texas to bring you the very best deal in a RCI Points property. Rayburn Country Club is clearly the place to buy an RCI Points proterty. Now, after several years of selling selected South Africa timeshares, we have proven that the Dikhololo Resort is without question, the best Weeks resort to own. Our special weeks continue to offer superior Weeks trading power. Now that you can combine your Week into Points, makes these the best RCI Packages to own, period. Our long term relationship with both resorts allows us to bring to you the Best of both RCI Wolrds to your at an affordable price. Our unsurpassed after sale service in here to make sure you get the most from your RCI Points and RCI Weeks.

Special # 1


39,000 RCI Points


Special # 2


46,800 RCI Points


Special # 3


66,700 RCI Points


Special # 4


74,300 RCI Points


Special # 5 


80,700 RCI Points


Special # 6


187,700 RCI Points


Price do not include Closing Cost, RCI fees or 2009 maintenance fees.

Delivery Time 

RCI Points - Deeds in 3-4 weeks, Points memberships in 4-5 weeks

RCI Weeks -2013 Dikhololo deposited in 5-6 Weeks, your deed in hand in 8 weeks


South African Weeks resorts are NOT RCI Points resorts. RCI Points members may convert SA Weeks each year through the “Points for Deposit Program”.

For more information call RCI Points, 1-877-968-7476 or Click Here. 

We recommend all prospective buyers login to the RCI Weeks and RCI Points online websites before they purchase. Take time to take our tour.


RCI Weeks/RCI Points Online Tour


Do not forget, we will be here for you after the sale. Write down any questions you may have, then click or call soon…

Call 1-877-TTI-1000 (1-877-884-1000)

Canada/Hawaii Direct 1-936-582-1614

Click scott@tradingtime.net

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