RCI Points vs. Weeks

RCI Points vs. Weeks

We encourage our clients to structure a diversified Timeshare portfolio:

South Africa Weeks Owner's Advantages:            

  • Superior Trading Power to all RCI 3800 Resorts
  • Low Maintenance (Resort Dues)-50 % or Less of Average
  • Low Purchase Price - 60-80 % Less than Average
  • Ongoing Searches for the Best "2 Years Out"
  • Unlimited Bonus Time Bookings
  • Members RCI Travel
  • Online Exchange & Account Management

RCI Points Program Owner's Advantages:

  • Access to All 3800 RCI Resorts
  • Access to Other Points Resorts 10 Months Out (unavailable to weeks owners)
  • Ability to use Points from 2-7-?? Days at a time
  • Trades Under 45 Day Window only (6-9000 pts.)
  • Ex: (1) 2 Bd SA Red Week, (39,500 pts) = 4 Trades!
  • Online Exchange & Account Management
  • Access RCI Travel & RCI Points Partners
  • Exchange RCI Points for Airline Tickets, Rental Cars, Area Attractions, Cruises and much more..

RCI Weeks and RCI Points can be confusing. It surprises me how many current owners do not get it. We understand RCI Weeks and RCI Points completely.  Our clients understand RCI Weeks and RCI Points completely. We teach our clients how to use the best of both to maximize their purchase. It is a simple timeline and mathematical equation, to know which program you should use to get you where you want to go for the least amount of money. You must own the correct properties in order for you to be successful. We service over 2200 Weeks and Points members and offer you over 28 years of timeshare experience. We want and help you to be the smartest timeshare owner on vacation. Our Weeks owners receive a FREE deeded week when they send us 5 new buyers. We want to share your knowledge and make sure you tell the group where you bought your timeshares.


RCI Weeks/RCI Points Online Tour


Take the time to learn both programs and websites. We will help you exchange by exchange. Why? The questions you have we have probably answered before. When we help you to successfully complete an exchange you may have missed, you save money and are happy. When you share your experiences with your group they see your excitement, hear of your savings and want to get involved. Most of our business is referral based. Below are some Super RCI Weeks/RCI Points combinations. New owners will have both RCI Weeks & RCI Points accounts.


I will teach you; you will learn quickly to Book the resorts with Big Point value exchanges (60,000 - 120,000 Points) with our special SA Week. If you vacation during peak seasons, (summer, spring break, winter beach), enjoy the largest units, you need this Week. Now enjoy up to 5 short notice, (10-45 days booking), Weeks Resort exchanges or use your Points for 2, 3, 4... days vacations at the Points Resorts. Although I have 100's of client trades posted on our websites, seeing it "live" will sell you.


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RCI Points Information  

Call 1-877-TTI-1000 (1-877-884-1000)

Canada/Hawaii Direct 1-936-582-1614

Click scott@tradingtime.net

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